Andrea Sparrow

Executive Producer – Arctic Arts Project
Research Affiliate – Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research – University of Colorado

Advisory Board- Global Environmental Media

Traveling the planet has given Andrea a window into the natural world, from the tiniest plants and creatures to the great vistas gained from the air. Patterns are revealed at all levels that hold regardless of scale. “I find comfort in this simplicity because while there are a great many components, it feels as though they assemble in similar ways into living systems that have an inherent symbiosis allowing them to operate together. Questions are constant in my mind as I explore. Our instinctive desire for comfort and safety has led us to endanger ourselves, yet we seem unable to adjust to a less comfortable way of being in order to preserve the very environment we require to survive.” Andrea is an artist, a scientist and an explorer at heart, driven by a desire to understand and possibly, through her visual communications mediums, help change this trajectory on which we find ourselves.

Kerry Koepping, Director

I see this as a gift.

It could all be seen as simply depressing, making us want to turn away from what the Arctic is telling us. But I see this message as a gift. In the Arctic, we are able to see firsthand how deeply a place can be altered by a warmer climate. The Arctic is a sentinel telling us to move quickly to change the way we function on this planet, to change the way we see this planet. It is not a thing with endless resources for us to squander. It is a living system made up of countless, smaller, living systems, working together to create this beautiful, habitable place.

Exhibitions & Presentations

I try to capture a stillness in my photography. Not to stop something midstream, but to find a moment when motion has ceased, like an intake of breathe before the exhale.

INSTAAR- Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Boulder, Colorado
60 Image Exhibition representing the Arctic Arts Photographic Team
Open Monday-Friday
Fine Art Photography Awards

series “Losing Glaciers”
The Temptation of Trees
LA Documentary Film Festival awarded “Best Environmental Film”
Boston Film Festival awarded “Mass Impact” and “Ecofilm”
Alexa Rose Foundation
Artist Grant for "Into the Delta", Boise, Idaho
Artist Grant for "The Temptation of Trees", Boise, Idaho
Monochrome Photography Awards
two images in Landscape category

Interview with Andrea Sparrow

We are watching the world change. Our work is to share the changes we see, along with the science behind them. If people understand what is happening on multiple levels, they will understand that we need to change the way we see the planet and its resources.

Andrea Sparrow, Executuve Producer, Arctic Arts Project