The Award Winning Visual Team of Arctic Storytellers

The Arctic Arts Project’s incredible international team of photographers, videographers and producers continue to bring the Arctic to the world. The team’s imagery masters continue to capture climate change in the purist of art forms. Their work is currently being used throughout the globe to promote dialog between the educational and scientific communities and the art world. Join our team of award winning photographic masters as we venture out into the arctic and bring back our interpretation of Climate Science.

Meet The Arctic Arts Collaborators

Kerry Koepping

Executive Director - Arctic Arts Project
Kerry is an internationally acclaimed environmental photographer and communicator with a passion for the outdoors and the Arctic. He is the founder of the non-profit Arctic Arts Project and is dedicated to strengthening environmental sustainability by illuminating environmental problems and issues through the use of science and visual literacy.
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Andrea Sparrow

Andrea is a deeply rooted communicator who is a keenly focused seeker of patterns. Her interests lie in understanding the systems of our planet and the systems of the human psyche as these two elements are currently at odds with one another.
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Carsten Egevang

In addition to being a trained biologist, Carsten has been internationally recognized from numerous international organizations including category winner in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in addition to being awarded in this prestigious title of "Danish Nature Photographer” and the proud recipient of the Greenland Government’s "Environment and Nature Prize".
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Florian Ledoux

Florian started photography when he was 12 years old as a simple pleasure while traveling with his family. "I was far to imagine that I will find in it my life power. As a self-taught, I developed this passion until it became strong enough to become photo reporter in the French military Navy. In parallel I commenced my own project by working on Greenland reportages. There is no doubt that the beauty of nature, the search of isolated and wild places in the Arctic, led me to photography."
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Iurie Belegurschi

Iurie Belegurschi is an award winning fine art nature and landscape photographer. He was born in Moldova, but moved to Reykjavik in Iceland in 2006 to study tourism and hospitality. Iurie is the leading photography guide and workshop instructor in Iceland, and his tours are much sought after both by locals and international clients.
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Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

An mountain adventurer since his teenage years. On his many trips to the Icelandic mountains and wilderness the photographer became obsessed with capturing the raw beauty of the places he visited. Örvar has won multiple international awards for his photos and has been running a photo gallery in central Reykjavík since 2008.
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Marc Muench

As a third-generation photographer, it would be easy for Marc to fall under the shadow of his talented parents and grandfather. Instead, Marc has emerged as one of the nation's premier photographers in his own right through a combination of innate ability and a unique style that blends landscapes, action, and other photographic genres, depending on the scene and the assignment.
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The Internationally Acclaimed Team of Contributors

Chris Burkard

Internationally Acclaimed Storyteller and Adventurer

Talor Stone

Talor is an international visual communicator and scientist

Alex Perez

Alex is a global media specialist.

Paul Zizka

Internationally acclaimed environmental photographer and communicator

Abraham Joffe

Award winning Director of Untitled Film Works

Jeff Lanska

Global communications specialist and photographer

Rob Case

Rob Case is a Primetime Emmy nominated director and visual communicator

Noel Casaje

Noel is an acclaimed photographer and Nikon top 100.

Snorri Þór Tryggvason

Internationally Acclaimed Visual Communicator and Filmmaker.

Mark Lagrange

Landscape and wildlife photographer

Svavar Jonatansson

Charyse Reinfelder

Acclaimed Underwater Photographer & Filmmaker

Louisa Paez Michelin

Louisa is an internationally recognized polar photographer

Karim Iliya

International Filmmaker and Visual Communicator

Chase Lambert

Drone Pilot- North America

Oskar Strom

Internationally Acclaimed Guide and Expedition Leader

Kris Irwin

Northern Rockies Alpine Guide and Ice Specialist

William Orsua

Internationally Acclaimed Photographer- Guide

David Bahr

Glacier Bay Alaska Photographer and Science Specialist

Ashlei Payne

Award winning Filmmaker

Northern Rockies Alpine Guide and Ice Specialist