Projects that are creating a visual narrative of the accelerated changes in 2019

Climate Chaos-The Permafrost Project-

The Arctic Arts Project traveled to Western Greenland and Northern Alaska in 2019 to document the effects of climate change in tundra areas throughout the Arctic. With 9 million square miles of tundra, alterations of permafrost will contribute critical pieces to the climate puzzle. Permafrost is frozen soil made up of ancient carbon-rich organisms. The process of decay has been suspended by cold temperatures, but as air temperatures warm and permafrost thaws, the natural decay processes begin again, releasing potentially massive amounts of carbon dioxide and its more potent cousin, methane, into the atmosphere.

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The mission of The Arctic Arts Project is to share with the world an understanding of climate change and the solutions and
 adaptations we need to survive. We aspire to educate and inspire, and to provide an understanding of the evolution of a warming world, through impactful imagery backed by sound science.

The Visual Response to Climate Chaos.
The Arctic Art Project builds an ever-expanding photographic, fine art collection of works that span the northernmost hemisphere of our planet. Join with us as we journey through the Arctic, over time, exploring the visual response to Climate Change.
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Perspective is Everything
We want to bring people closer to our perceptions and experiences of the Arctic, and other vulnerable environments, through immersive media. Our intent is to transport the viewer, through this experience, to an understanding of how the change in these places is relevant to their future. The Project's immersive documentation on the science of Climate Change teaches truth.
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How do you Communicate The Relevance of Climate Change?
You become a voice in the world.
The Arctic Arts Project plans to reach 1 billion people over the next 5 years. Personal action is required to alter our course to a much warmer planet. The Arctic Arts Project offers specific ways people can change their lives to participate in solutions to Climate Change.
Working with regional experts, we tailor presentations and film endings to fit with the best solutions for a given area.