Experience the evidence of change

Our goal is to engage the viewer in 360 degree environments through a series of folio films. Moving beyond the role of simple documentarians, our intent is to bring a sense of awe and reverence to the evidence of change as we have experienced it.

The work in these folio films will culminate in a full length film available in traditional two dimensional as well as 360 degree formats.

The Arctic Arts Project creates personal, narrative, specific content supported by solid science.


A new film by Florian Ledoux on the intricate balance of water.


IUCN presentation regarding the 2019 mega-study on ground zero Greenland.


A film on the water supply of the Colorado River Basin. United States

Climate Chaos: RELEVANCE

How climate chaos is relevant to us all.
A short film showcasing the works of Arctic Arts Collaborators.

Climate Chaos: ICE

We are all ice dependent species. A glimpse at Greenland’s 2019 record melt.

Climate Chaos: Permafrost

Exploring the global ramifications of the melting permafrost. Methane release, Wildfires, Changing Habitats