Florian Ledoux

Florian Ledoux is an award-winning wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker. Internationally renowned for his powerful and thought-provoking aerial images, his work both captures the beauty and fragility of the polar regions. Florian’s distinctive aesthetic is imbued with strong narratives fulled by his passion and commitment to the preservation of nature. He received numerous awards such as the 3rd prize from National Geographic magazine and the Gold Medal at the Salon des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris (2019) amongst others. His photographs have been published across a number of leading publications (The Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, The Evening Standard, CNN…)

Florian contributed to several films and documentaries such as Polar Bear (trailer) and Bear Witness, two Disneynature films released on Disney+. He also participated to Frozen Planet 2, co-produced by BBC (trailer) Florian also actively works with NGOs and regularly supports campaigns aimed at the general public, opinion leaders and decision makers. His photographs have been presented at events such as the COP22 in Marrakech and exhibited in Museums internationally. With humility and humanity, Florian aspires to ’’witness, document and protect the polar regions.’’


I Believe.

I believe in and aspire to, bring a new perspective of capturing wildlife we already know well from traditional photography. I believe these images allow us to observe and document their behaviors from a new angle and approach, revealing the animals in their entirety as well as in a wider habitat and landscape, in a way not before possible, a new way of learning about the white northern part of our planet. It is more than time to act and I want my photo to help conservation to create more Marine Conservation Area.

"When I find myself in the remote Arctic, co-existing in harmony with the wildlife that calls it home, I know that this is where everything makes total sense. I know it because I feel it deep within myself.  It is a deep vibe that consumes my body and soul in its entirety. At this moment, the urge to create an image that I would remember for the rest of my life with a strong message to protect it comes naturally to me."

Polar Bear (DisneyNature)
Disney+, 2022 Bear Witness, (DisneyNature)
Disney+, 2022 Frozen Planet II, BBC, 2022
A Perfect Planet (BBC), H. Cordey, BBC Books, 2020
Eyes Over the World, D. Dallas, Rizzoli, 2020
Our Planet (Netflix) A. Fothergill et K. Scholey, Dunod, 2019
Seven Worlds One Planet, J. Keeling et S. Alexander, BBC Books, 2019 Master of Drone Photography, F. Kennedy, Ammonite Press, 2019
Print and Web Contributions
National Geographic
Time Magazine
The Times, London,
Geo Hors Serie
The Guardian
Wildlife Photographic
Terre Sauvage
The Polar Times
and more...

Awards and Recognitions

2021 | 1st prize – aerial photography, Hasselblad Master Awards

2021 | 1st prize – portfolio, HIPA

2020 | 1st prize – animal in motion, Nature’s Best Photography

2020 | 3rd prize – exploration, Ocean Photography Awards

2020 | Grand prize – Photographer of the Year, Nature TTL

2019 | Gold Medal – Salon des Beaux-Arts Carrousel du Louvre

2019 | 1st prize – mammal, National Wildlife Federation Contest

2019 | 2nd prize – endangered planet, Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Drone photographer of the year, Drone Awards SIPA

2018 | 1st prize – wildlife, Arctic Biodiversity

2018 | 3rd prize – wildlife, Nature Conservancy

Highly commended Memorial Maria Liusa 2018

Final Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 & 2017 (5 images)

Official selection Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2018

Honorable mention Narava Photo Contest PSA 2018

Award for an outstanding Drone Film Grace International Film Festival 2018

2017 | Grand prize – drone photographie, DJI/Skypixel

1st Prize Wildlife Drone Awards 2019 SIPA

1st Mammals The National wildlife Mag contest 2019

1st Prize New Technologies Goldend Turtle Moscow 2019

1st Prize Aerial Photography (video) HIPA Dubai 2019

Honorable mention Landscape Nature Conservancy 2019

Honorable honored Nature’s Best Photography Video 2019 (Natural History museum of Washington)

Honorable mention x5 Siena International Award 2019 (SIPA)

Honorable mention x2 GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019

Drone Photographer of the Year 2018 SIPA

Official selection Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2018

Prize for the Image Nature Film Festival Namur

1st Prize Drone Video Animals 2018 (AirVuz)

3rd Prize Arctic Wildlife 2018 (Arctic Biodiversity Contest)

3rd prize Drone Photography 2017 (National Geographic/Dronstagram)

Highly Honored Nature’s Best Photography 2018

Exhibitions and Conferences

2022 | Vendée Arctique, Les Sables-d’Olonne
2021 | UICN World Conservation Congress, Marseille
2020 | Festival photo Atout Sud, Nantes
2020 | Maison de la Rivière, Montaigu
2019 | Salon des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel Louvre, Paris

2019 | Xposure, international photography festival, Sharjah 2019 | International photography festival, Sanmen Xia
2019-18 | Human & Nature, Design Red Dot Museum, Singapour 2019-18 | Californie Academy of Science, San Francisco
2018 | Festival international Nature, Namur
2018 | Sky is the limit, Siena Awards
2017 | Biosphère, Environment Museum, Ottawa

"There are images that might impress you with their technical mastery, and then there are images that make you feel something. This photograph floored me. It is especially poignant given the climate crisis our world is facing right now."
Jarrad Seng, filmmaker, and Jury Skypixel/DJI.

Florian Ledoux